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Tridon MP-3

Tridon MP is an amber coloured, buttery smooth lithium grease suitable for a wide range of uses. Tridon MP has very good mechanical stability and excellent oxidation stability, ensuring long life. It is specially inhibited against rust and corrosion and has superior resistance to the washing-out action of water.

Tridon MP maintains good pump ability, even in cold weather, and is ideal for centralized grease systems.

Tridon MP is suitable for bearing temperatures up to 120°C. The water washout test on the No. 2 and 3 grades shows them to be applicable where water contamination encountered. The excellent oxidation resistance, as indicated by a low drop in pressure after 100 hours at 99°C and under 110 psi of oxygen, indicates longer life in bearings with much less deterioration than greases of lesser quality.

Tridon MP is a true multipurpose grease and is suitable for applications found throughout industry, such as electric motor bearings, fan bearings, pump bearings and other plain and anti-friction applications.

It is recommended for use where water contamination is encountered, and is suitable for bearings operating at temperatures as high as 120°C or higher, if replenished frequently. Its pump ability makes it especially suitable in centralized grease systems, even at low temperatures.

Tridon EP-3

The Tridon EP greases are multi-purpose extreme pressure Lithium based greases with EP additives. They also contain special inhibitors to increase aging stability and anticorrosion properties. Tridon EP has a very high resistance to mechanical loads, minimizes wear under heavy and shock load conditions and gives excellent protection against water washout and rusting. Tridon EP greases are available in NLGI consistencies of 0, 1, 2, & 3

Tridon EP Grease exhibits good water washout resistance, coupled with a high dropping point. It is therefore suitable for the lubrication of both plain and rolling element bearings operating under high temperature, high load conditions. Operating temperatures up to 120°C can be withstood, or higher if the grease is frequently replenished.

Tridon EP greases offer the following benefits:

  • High temperature capability.
  • Withstand high loads and shock loading.
  • Resistant to water washout.
  • Suitable for most bearing operations.
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