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Tridon Super Gear HD

SAE 80W-90, 90, 85W-140, 140


Tridon Super Gear HD range is formulated in two multi-viscosity and two single viscosity grades to provide complete coverage of commercial and passenger car vehicles for all operating temperature conditions.

These lubricants are formulated utilizing a modern additive system to provide a high level of EP performance and oxidation resistance. The superior quality base oils used allows blending the 80W/90 and 85W/140 grades without the use of viscosity index improvers or thickeners. Tridon Super Gear meets API Service Classification GL-5 and conforms to MIL-L-2105D specifications.

Tridon Super Gear HD, in both multi-viscosity and single viscosity grades provide the utmost protection in severe operations such as high ambient temperature, sustained high speed, low torque, shock loading and limited slip differentials. Additional additive treatment enhances oxidation stability and protects against rust, corrosion and foam.

Tridon Super Gear HD may be recommended for bevel, spiral bevel and hypoid gear differentials, for spur gear and synchronous type transmissions and transfer cases, oil-lubricated universal joints and manually operated steering gears. These gear lubricants are suitable for heavy-duty service in either on or off highway service.

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Tridon Super Gear

SAE 80W-90, 90, 85W-140, 140


Tridon Super Gear is a range of high quality transmission and gear oils suitable for cars, trucks, buses and heavy construction equipment. They are formulated from the finest paraffinic base stock and extensively proven additives, and have a wide range of applications in the transport, earthmoving and construction industries.

Tridon Super Gear lubricants are composed of high viscosity index base oils and a balanced extreme pressure additive package designed to prevent scuffing and scoring of gears in high speed, high torque operation. Further additive treatment enhances oxidation stability and gives excellent protection against rusting, corrosion and foaming.

Tridon Super Gear lubricants are suitable for service-fill of hypoid, spiral bevel, spur and double reduction rear axles, either on or off the highway where API GL-4 SAE 80W90, 85W140, 90 or 140 viscosities are recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Similarly, they are equally satisfactory in manual gearboxes (constant or synchromesh), auxiliary gearboxes and transfer boxes. These oils can be used with confidence in steering boxes and oil-lubricated universal joints. Tridon Super Gear lubricants meet the requirements of the now obsolete U.S. Military specification, MIL-L-2105 / MIL-L-2105C.

Tridon Gear

SAE 90, 140


Tridon Gear lubricants are high quality mineral oils intended for automotive transmissions, such as manually operated gearboxes where gear loading are relatively mild and shock loading is not likely to be encountered.

Tridon Gear lubricants are to be used when the equipment manufacturer recommends an API GL-1 SAE 90 or 140 viscosity oil.

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