Makinalube manufacturers a comprehensive selection of high quality lubricants and greases which are developed and produced by specialists from a wide variety of base oils and additives to meet latest lubricants specifications and approvals –OEM‘s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and EB‘s (Equipment Builders) engineering recommendations. Advances in the level of understanding of lubrication combined with the availability of improved base stocks and proven technology additive packages have led to new lubrication knowledge and controlled the pace of most stringent requirements of modern engines and machineries. In view of present-day knowledge, we, Makinalube are totally committed to developing.

We Offer

  • High quality lubricants & greases.
  • Trusted superior performance
  • Profitable business for - distributors
  • Excellent technical and after


Our Strategy

Our goal is becoming a high European standard and service level on a international scale by selecting experienced and highly motivated


Our Vision

Makinalube is focused on becoming a leader manufacturer of lubricating oils and greases,


Our Mission

To maintain and achieve the highest global quality standards in lubricating oil and ..






Lubricants You Trust

Recent news

Automechanika Shanghai 2019

Makinalube continued to be present yearly at Automechanika Shanghai 2019 so that the company will enormously known by others, especially to the attendees of the exhibition.

Sponsorship Rally 2018

Makinalube team, led by our driver, Aysar Abu Hamdan, were the winners at The Syrian Automobile Club 2018.

Automechanika Vietnam 2018

As part of our marketing plan and to be known in other countries, we started to market MAKINALUBE in Vietnam by attending the Automechanika Vietnam 2018.